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PS Call Me Logo

About PS Call Me

We do our inspiration in different continents. Beaded necklaces from Tibet, handmade jewelry materials from Venice to gracefully decorated bags from Ibiza. Located in our collection of Vlieland Netherlands to Maastricht and beyond the limits we are more than active. In Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Denmark have fashion conscious women frequently become acquainted with our jewelry and bags. We are also proud of our customers outside Europe, because even on a small island in the South Pacific you will find our jewelry and bijoux.

In addition to designing the beautiful jewelry, we are also in for charity. More than proud we are also on our unique partnership with KWF cancer in relation to the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. In addition, we manage the website: strijdtegenborstkankershop.nl. The entire proceeds of this shop is for the benefit of KWF.

“Home is where the heart is” and that stands for welcome, warmth, attention to our products and our relationships.

PS Call Me is made with love!